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(a product placement platform)

A Product Placement Platform


What we do >

We expand the reach and unique experience of your products and brand to thousands of potential customers. With a little help from our Host Partners, we are able to reimagine apartments, studios and houses as intimate and immersive showrooms. In using this innovative platform, we are able to offer short term rental guests an unparalleled opportunity to trial your products in a more natural and easy sell environment.

How we do it >

Using an integrated mobile network tailored to the specific needs of each showroom, we are able to facilitate the direct sale of your product to new customers. We take care of the presentation of your product, we take care of the point of purchase protocol and we even manage the delivery of your product to your new customer.

Our Goal >

Our Goal is to create a seamless shopping experience for both the merchant and the customer. By creating a retail channel that removes many of the traditional barriers associated with both the in-store and online retail experience, respectively, we are able to offer a more immersive, cost friendly and infinitely scale-able option for your retail business. No matter how small or big your store is, no matter your location, no matter your brand or target demographic, our platform is designed to get your product in front of a captive audience that is one tap away from making a purchase.

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